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Different Shades of Aso-Oke


Of what use is the sight of a traditional congregation without  aso-oke. Aso-oke is the traditional wear of the Yorubas(the south-western  people of the Nigeria, Africa.). It is a cloth that is worn on special occasions by the Yorubas usually for chieftaincy, festivals, engagement, naming ceremony and other important events. Cloth weaving (Aso-Oke) started centuries ago amongst the Yorubas but predominantly amongst the Iseyins (Oyo-State), Ede (Osun State) and Okene (Kogi state). Aso-oke is used to make the male gowns called Agbada, the female wrapper called Iro and the male hat called Fila.

Aso-oke can be grouped depending on their type, textile and quality .They are

  • Sanyan
  • Alaari
  • Etu


This is woven from the beige silk obtained locally from the cocoons of the Anaphe moth, forming a pale brown/beige cloth. It is always khaki-ish and whitish.

Sanyan can be used to make various style of clothes







This picture consist the woman wrapper(iro),the headgear(gele),the male helmet(fila),the male germent(agbada)






This is a deep blue, almost black, indigo dyed cloth often with very thin light blue stripes. Etu means ‘guinea fowl’, and the cloth is said to resemble the bird’s plumage.






Pictures of styles that can be made from etu.



Here,we have the  buba,the female top and the male garment(agbada).









It comes with the widest variations but red is a constant color.









The world of fashion is growing and most aso-oke fabrics is being embellished to add the beauty of the cloth.

Below are the pictures of styled embellished aso-oke:

This is a flayed hand and a trumpet-like shaped gown.







This is an embellished etu aso-oke.


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